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Brief Summary of Waste to Energy Gasifier system

The MOVERS W2E Gasifier Systems converts wood chips and other solid fuels into a combustible gas mixture normally called producer gas or syngas. This gas can be used to replace expensive and scarce fossil fuels for various thermal applications including in internal combustion engines to generate power. The MOVERS W2E uses woody biomass or other solid fuels as the basic feedstock. The MOVERS W2E Gasifier System also includes a feed system that shreds incoming solid fuel into small pieces before it is introduced into the gasifier and a gas engine system that utilizes the producer gas in one or more internal combustion engines to generate electric power. The process involves gasification (sometimes called partial combustion) of such biomass (gasification occurs when the air supply is less than adequate for the combustion to be completed).

The heart of the MOVERS W2E system is a gasifier which is essentially a chemical reactor where various complex physical and chemical processes take place. The solid fuel undergoes four distinct processes in a gasifier: (1) drying of the fuel, (2) devolatilization, (3) combustion, and (4) reduction. Although there is considerable overlap, each process can be considered to be occupying a separate zone in the unit, in which fundamentally different chemical and thermal reactions take place. The fuel must pass through all of these zones to be completely converted. The system also includes cleanup or purification equipment consisting primarily of cyclone, heat exchanger, scrubber and associated filters. The gas engine systems are integrated with the gasifier at the site and is required for continuous operation of the MOVERS W2E Gasifier System.

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