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Crushers / Impactors

Double Roller Crusher

This crusher is designed for crushing materials with less fineness minerals like coal, iron ore, clinker and other raw materials (for size reduction from 100mm to 10mm). This equipment has 2 rollers made out of Mn. Steel supported by MS body and has two individual drive motors. By adjusting the roller gap, one can achieve better results in crushing different materials.

Reversible Impactor

Movers (India) crushers are used as secondary crushers for size reduction of materials from 50mm to 10mm. The crusher has a set of swing hammers mounted on to the rotor supported by anti-friction bearings. The inside body is lined with Mn. Steel while outer body is MS fabricated. Due to the impact of swing hammers, the lumpy material will be crushed into smaller sizes and discharged at the bottom of the crusher.

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