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Vertical Kilns

Limestone and clay are the main ingredients employed in the manufacture of Portland Cement. These materials are suitably reduced in size and then ground to fine powder This powder is pneumatically homogenized and fed into a kiln to burn the at around 1450 Deg C. The product from Vertical kiln is known as Clinker.

There are two type of kilns employed for producing clinker; Rotary kln and Vertical kiln. While rotary kiln is employed
for large scale production of clinker, the vertical kiln is used for small scale production of clinker.

Good quality limestone with other additives ensures quality production of clinker. Clinker produced in Vertical kiln the has been found to be of excellent quality for producing Portland Cement, Pozzolona Portland Cement and Portland Slag Cement by grinding along with a small quantity of gypsum and other admistures.

Vertical Kiln consists of a round, vertical pipe lined with refractory bricks. A feed arrangemnt at top feeds nodulized raw meal into the kiln at a uniform rate. Burned clinker is extracted at the bottom through a slowly rotating conical grate, which also distributes combustion air into the kiln.

The output (clinker) passes through a gate which do not allow false air entry into the kiln.

The temperature of the clinker discharged varies between 80 to 90 Deg C and conveyed to a storage yard.

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