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Material Handling Equipment

Air Slide
Air Slides
Air slide is a simple device which is MS fabricated box like structures. The aeration cloth is fixed throughout the length inside. This will function with the help of a suitable capacity fan. This equipment is also very effective in handling powdered materials. Air slides are recommended in cement plants at mill discharge point, for handling cement and grits.
Air Lift Airlift
Airlift pneumatic pumps are used for lifting powdered materials which is mildly abrasive. Airlifts are very effective in lifting and discharging powder type material like cement powder and other powdered material to a maximum height of 30 to 50 meters. This will work with the help of a specified capacity of roots blower with drive motor which will blow the air to the airlift vessel and the powdered material will be lifted to a fixed height and discharged to the silos.
Apron feeder Apron Feeders
Apron feeders are used for handling more abrasive, heavy and lumpy material. The material is carried on an overlapping metal plate called pans, which is mounted between strands of the conveyor chain. Apron feeders are placed under storage bin for regulating the feed material.

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors are very simple solutions for transporting the different types of bulk/lumpy raw materials and other free flowing materials to the process place. Belt conveyors are designed as per the site conditions to convey / transport the raw material in a straight line and also with maximum inclination (with lift) to discharge the material to the raw material storage hoppers.
Different types of belt conveyors are used for material conveying applications like portable conveyor / bag handling conveyors for conveying packed cement bags. Belt conveyors are available in different types like flat conveyors, rough top conveyors for bag handling, troughed conveyors, tripper conveyor, inclined conveyors and side walled conveyors.

Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevators
Bucket elevators are of three types namely continuous type discharge, positive type discharge and centrifugal type discharge. This equipment is very effective in transporting and discharge of many bulk materials ranging from light to heavy and fine to large lumps and free flowing materials.

Centrifugal discharge bucket elevator. These elevators are designed and engineered for handling grain and other raw materials like coal, clinker lumps, limestone and other minerals. The chain bucket elevators are with two strand arrangement for effective lift and discharge of the material.

Continuous discharge bucket elevator. These elevators have continuous bucket design while head shafts are fixed. The boot shafts are of screw and gravity take-ups. These elevators are very effective in lifting and discharging of different types of raw materials to the process machinery at a fixed height.

Buckets are spaced continuously and loaded by direct feeding. Spillage between buckets are prevented by close spacing. As bucket discharges, the materials flow over the preceding buckets, thus creating effective discharge of material to the chute portion.

Belt Feeder
Belt Feeders
A Belt feeder is a short belt conveyor, installed under a storage facility. The belt is flat and supported on closely spaced idlers or on a smooth slide plate. Belt feeders are used for handling fine / free flowing / abrasive materials. Even properly designed belt feeders are used for handling lumpy material.

Drag Chain
Drag Chain Conveyors
Drag Chain Conveyors are designed to handle heavy / lumpy material like hot clinker which is effective in handling the end product which has high temperature. The steel links at regular intervals convey the material and is driven by a suitable drive unit.

Mechanica Vibro Feeder
Mechanical Vibro feeders
With its vibrating action, Vibro feeders are designed to handle a wide range of materials. The metallic pan is fixed to a supporting structure which has compression springs on four corners. This enables forward and backward movement of the pan, thereby helping free flow of feed material to the belt conveyor.

Pan Conveyor
Pan Conveyors
Pan Conveyors are designed to handle hot clinkers having temperature more than 80 to 120 Deg C. The total conveyor is made out of steel structure and a series of buckets will be running on the rails in a zig zag manner (horizontal / vertical). This conveyor is specially used for clinker transportation from the kiln discharge to the yard.

Rotary Vane Feeder
Rotary Vane Feeders
This are designed to extract and regulate uniform feed of the raw materials from the storage bins. The rotary vane feeder consists of shaft mounted vanes within snuggly fitted enclosed casing. When the shaft revolves, the vanes spaces in the upper part of the feeder allows the materials to fill. As rotation continues, the material is carried around, inside the enclosing case and discharged by gravity at the bottom of the feeder. This also prevents entry of air, dust and other gases.

Reciprocating Feeder
Reciprocating feeder
This feeder consists of a reciprocally driven pan or a plate operating horizontally or slightly declined and positioned under the bottom portion of bin. Reciprocating feeders are adjustable to capacity, by the frequency of the pan/plate motion by the length of the pan stroke and by the height of control gate. These feeders are effective in handling fines, mixture of lumps and small sized lumps.

Rotary Cut off valves
Rotary cutoff valves
This is a simple device used at hopper outlet, silo discharge point to control and stop the feed. Valve (rotor) / gate can be manually operated with a handle fixed to the rotor body or can be power driven.

Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyors
Screw conveyors are of two types i.e. U-trough and round pipe type having uniform flights inside. Screw conveyors are designed to convey powder type materials like cement powder, limestone powder and other chemicals which are abrasion free. It can function horizontally or convey / transport the material with maximum inclination of up to 20 degrees. Vertical lifting could be designed.

Screw Feeders
Screw Feeders
Screw feeders are designed to feed powdered material with small percent of lumps and is good for milled non-abrasive materials. This is a screw conveyor used for regulating the flow of the material uniformly, continuously and effectively.

Table Feeders
Table Feeders
Table feeders consists of a horizontal circular plate rotating under a circular opening in the bottom of a conical bin or hopper. By adjusting of the blade, the material will be discharged freely, thus the flow will be continuous. Table feeders are designed to regulate the feed materials (different types of raw materials) and discharge to the belt conveyor in a uniform way.

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating screen are designed with single deck, double deck and triple deck operation. The screen mesh is fixed on to an MS frame and bolted to a high suspension compression screen. The whole thing is supported by a steel structure. This equipment is very effective in screening of the crushed raw materials (accepts and rejects). The screens are operated with a suitable capacity drive motor. Vibrating screens are used to segregate different sizes of granular materials.


Other than standard equipment, we are fully geared to design, manufacture equipmentfor special application as per the requirement of customer.

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