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Welcome to Movers India Pvt. Ltd.

In the year 1979, when the term globalization was an unheard of phrase, a group of technocrats with a wealth of experience and expertise behind them, were setting up a company called Movers (India) which would in due course of time, make the world sit up and take notice of it. Right from its inception, the company has always believed that nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Ideas are the lifeline of any business, more so in an intensely competitive environment, where only the fittest and the most imaginative can flourish. While the Indian economic situation has undergone cataclysmic changes in the past decade, Movers India has suitably adapted to the changing scenario to keep in tune with market needs and aspirations.

Movers (India) has successfully rendered its services to the Process Industry for more than twentyfive years and in the process built a relationship of trust with the customer who feels a genuine sense of loyalty to the firm. Such customer relationships have been born out of successive experiences of customer satisfaction. At Movers (India) it is the ongoing creation of value that has strengthened and enriched the industry.

Waste to Energy We have embarked in producing electricity from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). All over the world people have problem in disposing of un-segregated MSW. With our US company’s technical know-how, we have developed and built the MSW plant for US Army, Hawaii, which is ready for shipment. This project is totally environmental friendly (pollution free). We have supplied this type of plant to our customer in Korea few years back and two US universities for research and they were producing steam and selling to textile industries. Click here for more details

An ISO 9001:2008 certified Engineering Company

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